niedziela, 31 sierpnia 2014

new class. again

The third year in row I am gonna meet a new class. I think,  that the biggest fears connected with that is "Am I going to be accepted by others"? Other than that I am just curious and happy to meet new people, greet known ones and just start a school year.
And now I am just yellous to myself one year ago, when i was attending to Righetti High School.
You would think, naaah it is just Righetti. But right now those memories are a lot. I rather go to school where lessons are not lasting 40 hours per school week. One of my days I start at 8 am and end at 4pm
Hard to imagine, even harder to live throught it. Wish me luck!
That is my new/old school website -

My plans
I promised mysel, that after my exchange i am going to travel as much as I can - and I didn't break my promises!
I am going to go to Berlin (Germany) for weekend and also to Finnland in December (Can't wait)
Hopefully I will post some pictures from there :D


piątek, 29 sierpnia 2014


Here is vocabulary,that i wanna have to make-up my English language skills. I took that kind of idea from dr.Preston and i am thankfull to use it right now.
verb (used with object)
to throw or fling with great force or vigor
verb (used without object) throw a missile.
boundtied; in bonds:
   a bound prisoner.
  - idioms
 bound up in /with,
      1. inseparably connected with.
      2. devoted or attached to

biasedto cause partiality or favoritism in (a person); influence, especially unfairly

czwartek, 24 lipca 2014

How I am learning lanuages

I realised that paper books are less handy than using web to learn languages. Instead of staring at book and doing boring exercises i am learning by fg. , youtube- including tedx or any other tutorial made by native speakers.  Books for me are boring (to learn languages other than that they are awesome) , not updated with what is going around the whole World.  In  high school i have had Spanish book to learn that language  which pictures in it was based on past decade. Menwhile I am learning English  I am using  medium  (as my 2 nd language) and the same time I got to know people's perspective what is going on - that is amazing!

To learn Spanish i am just googling - "spanish games " and voila knowing that language is easier that i thought. It is learning by fun not by teacher you have to learn that material to wednes...  <snorring and aslept while teachers' talk :P >
 One thing that I changed durnig process of learning anything- Fail a lot and say that you are awesome. Even though if you are struggling and/or you are  at the begging of your way to be a master in that field. Because that takes some time. That takes effort and it depens just on you if you wanna whole the time complain or get your guts together and learn. Use collaboration if you have any problem that you can't solve. And have great time while learnig! Have fun - that is why kids are learning faster. They don't have to learn. They want to. They doesn't feel as learning. They see building a wooden brick tower as fun- and by that they are learning.  What? Fg. physic and math and many more... Or even collaboration in group - pass me that red one , we are going to put it right to the top.
Good luck folks ! :)

niedziela, 20 lipca 2014

Start-up to be

I am thinking to open a new company. My own start-up. But i just don't know which of my ideas woulde be the best. Anybody wanna cooperate? I wish that somebody could help me :). How great it would be to be boss of a company? I think that would be amazing. I don't wannt to do it just on my own. 
If you wanna talk and discuss ideas - we can talk via skype and write through e-mail - mine - :)

niedziela, 29 czerwca 2014

Poem - Close 1

I am closed
For recent period of time
Not for always
Just for a decent thought
For decent feeling

As soon i will touch 
the skye
you will know
I am here 
I am inside my soul

Running and spliting each end of the air
Feeling so small 
But so strong 
That if you would ask me what i know

I would answer everything 
when the universe has no beeing 
i am inside it and going throug
all that mess
by my own 
with happines 
because I KNOW
how powerfull i become

sobota, 14 czerwca 2014

Fill it right- U.S land of....

I don't like when people say  ''you haven't changed".  I am changing each day. As everybody. Little by little, but it is more than sitting and doing nothing.  Even if you don't know me elling you right now - I'm tha it is 100%  chance, that at least i changed my clothes.

Changes are amazing. I love them. By them i am becoming better. I am failing a lot. But I never forget to fight for myself. Few days ago,I said that I want to be as good joke teller as my sister . And it was told me, that "you just  have to have it" . I don't think so . Is no border to learn anything in any period of life. Just becuse it seems imposibble for somebody  doesn' mean it is not possible for me (or you) to make it come true. We just have to start our way of failing and suceeding in this category. And have fun. That is why i love U.S. and why i learned there more thet i could have ever think about. Because is LAND OF OPPORTUNITY. Get it right people- O PPO RTU NI TY. And please use those chances, those opportunities, even if you are not leaving in us. Use more opportunities that you can think about. With hard work one of them is going to work out.
So don't make borders neither to yourself nor others. Don't say you can't - say definetly it is going to make come true - just by working your asses off and spending time on that to become masters in your masterpiece. Become master of your life. Don't be lost anymore. Follow your calling- even  if it scarry as heck and nobody will help you, and even if they gonna try to take you to the ground to make it harder for you. You think nobody will believe in you? That is not true - I am telling you right now - I do believe in your possibilities. Why? Cause i was up high and i was also down low and just believing in my power make me go up high again and again and even i am low now i am gonna fly.. away from my fears to my dreams. 
Good luck ! I believe in your possibilities because you are amazing. But you  can be better just by being yourself and making your dreams come true!


środa, 21 maja 2014

May time in May not go so fast?

With coldplay i have amazing memories since childhood. And their music still make smile on my face. So here it is - tune for day (wait about 10 sec when actual song starts)

I think that mood of song is really accurate for today weather (chilly and cloudy). Something that i can enjoy with coup of tea and book to read. 
Chilly weather makes me think about fall in my homeland. I have 20 days to be back to Poland. I feel myself in so American way, so addicted to warm California weather that it will make my come back harder. I got to know amazing people in here that is not that easy to realize that we will be thousand miles away also with 9 hour difference. 
ps I am planning to post what kind of food product we don't have in Poland