wtorek, 11 marca 2014

Before I die i wanna...

I'm really  excited what is going around my head. Im really interested what is going to bore from that post .
I hope you would like to help me with my project. It's just my baby in incubator. Does anybody want to kill a baby?
 Maybe  by this you will see that you are not helping just me but also yourself.
If you would ...
It's time for you to think what you wanna do before you die.
 It doesn't have to be in borders, don't put that's to small, that's too big dream. As John Lenon sung 'Im a dreamer, but im not the only one"
It can be as simple as putting your  answers in comments
fg. Before I die I wanna ..
feel as a kid again.
 you can answer in any creative way. If you have need to  send something for that answer  as picture etc.(according to - "sky is a limit")  send it to me in email -  alice.kmi@wp.pl

I would be really grateful for your help.

ps. In Poland are a lot of stereotypes about American students. They are mainly not nice.
Please don't make me say, when I'm back  from my exchange that they are true.  
Its about honor Americans!

My ide its basing on her project :


7 komentarzy:

  1. Before I die I want to:
    See the world
    fall in love
    slow dance in places where you don't dance
    Visit India
    Eat ice cream all day
    Learn to cook
    make an impact on the world
    write a book
    write a speech
    write some published theories
    be on TV
    adopt/have a child
    watch it grow
    sky dive
    be in a flash mob
    hand out little business cards that say "I find you attractive, please pass this on to someone you find attractive" in a crowded city
    Go to a huge crowded concert thing
    visit my old home in germany


  2. Before I die I want to:
    Write my stories
    Raise a family
    Have a few adventures
    Create something to be remembered for

  3. Before I die I want to:
    Explore different countries
    Explore all forests around the world
    Own a panther and white Bengal tiger
    Cure cancer
    Teach kids to be successful for their future
    Have kids and adopt many
    Stop child abuse
    Come back from the dead and live for infinity and beyond
    Love and be loved
    I want to know practically everything in the world
    Cook one of the best meals in history
    Create change in poverty
    Change the government system
    Lend a hand and reduce suffering
    Be #1 UFC Champion in MMA history
    Read Poems
    Sing a beautiful song
    Live with no regrets
    Leave a mark before my demise
    Get most of my body tatted
    Be healthy
    Be happy
    Be in the FBI
    Have super powers :)
    Have a family
    Bean EQUALLY represented human being
    Beat someone's ass who deserves it
    Car racing
    Driving almost 200 miles on pure muddy and dirt roads
    Ride a horse
    Paint a portrait

  4. Before I die want to:
    Achieve my goals in art and music, have my art and name be displayed around the world, give back to my community, build legal art areas for young artists like myself, have a family, love, explore the world, live in different places, meet as much people as possible, but the most important one to me out of all of these is sit back look at my history and smile at what I have done and succeeded in life at.

  5. Before I die I Want To:
    Be Happy.
    Be Successful.
    Do Things They Said I Could Not.
    Fall In Love.
    Get Married.
    Have Kids.
    Teach My Kids How To Dream.
    Be An Amazing Writer.
    Be A Role Model.
    Graduate High School.
    Go To College.
    Study Hard.
    Go Through Heart Breaks.
    Write About Those Heart Breaks.
    Become A Well Known Author, Or Journalist.
    Buy My Parents A House.
    Make Someone Happy.
    Write Music.
    Sing To My Hearts Content.
    Overcome My Fears And Embrace Them.
    Meet Taylor Swift.
    Tell My Role Models What An Impact They Had On Me.

  6. Before I die I want to:
    cure myself of my chronic illness
    cure as many others (especially kids) of theirs, too
    understand God in whatever way He reveals Himself to me
    complete (and publish?) my theory of consciousness
    find peace with my mom's death
    write her letters as often as I can
    have kids
    show them a picture of their grandma and ask if they recognize her (I've heard stories of children responding, "yes, I saw her before I came here")
    raise my kids so that they can reach everything they dream
    and when it nears my time to go,
    have a chance to say goodbye to everyone I love, and
    have no regrets when I go to see my mom again.